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This is where I'm supposed to talk glowingly about myself and convince you to keep reading further to learn more about my background. How am I doing so far?

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How I got here

I designed my first packaging in the 6th grade, not realizing it would lead me to this moment. Advertising called to me in college and I immediately began doing all I could to direct my career down this path. My first internship in the advertising industry started in 1993. Working at the agency during the day and waiting tables at night. Ironically, that same agency would hire me four years later, and that restaurant chain would become one of my clients. Circle of life, amiright?


My career began in the pre-digital days of advertising and marketing, primarily working for small creative boutique agencies, honing my brand strategy skills. I started in digital marketing in the late 90s, culminating with a social media focus over the last four years. My advertising approach brings a unique blend of traditional brand advertising principles, with the ability to integrate across all digital mediums. I firmly believe in the power of great creative and still watch the Super Bowl simply for the ads.

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